Gum of wild almonds


Persian gum is actually a gum that oozes from the mountain almond tree. When buying Persian gum, you should know that this gum comes in white, yellow and red colors and is graded accordingly.

Persian gum, like other gums, produces sticky solutions when dissolved in water. This gum has medicinal, food and industrial uses, for example, as an ointment for swollen joints, antiparasitic agent, toothache reliever, appetite suppressant, antitussive agent, hair conditioner and skin glaze in traditional medicine.

It is worth mentioning that one of the most used and useful cases of this gum is that Persian gum is used with the combination of four eggs to treat a sore throat. It is interesting to know that this gum is useful even in pharmaceuticals, and in pharmaceuticals, this gum is used as an emulsifying and suspending agent along with ketira.

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