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Spring is finally here and the post-pandemic era has almost begun. Restrictions around the world are being lifted and the seemingly endless state of quarantine and social distancing is on its way to becoming a thing of the past. Enduring through this trying time certainly wasn’t easy. Congratulations if you’ve made it this far and are still healthy, and hopefully happy.

One of the hallmarks of 2.5 years of the COVID pandemic is people’s determination to take control of their health and notably the rising interest in organic products and herbal medicine.This is certainly the time to be alive and in good shape and what better way to take control of our health than by using the miracles of nature?

Naturally produced honey is a true marvel of our mother Earth. The ancient Romans who frequently lived to be 100 years old, purportedly had a secret to their longevity, “honey from the inside and olive oil from the outside” and the glittering treasures of the pharaohs of Egypt included hand-crafted honey pots, a provision for the late kings’ afterlife; all pointing to our ancestor’s conviction in the incredible properties of this benevolent offering of honeybees.

Honey is the achievement of the most useful, productive and wondrous creature in our world. Honeybees’ existence dates back to almost 150 million years ago. It is one of the rare organisms that does not prey on its food; in fact, not only does it not harm the flowers it feeds on, but also it’s an integral part of their pollination process. This fascinating species is able to recognize different kinds of flowers from their shape, smell and color and is capable of sensing their nectar production time. Thus, the properties of honey are essentially influenced by the kinds of nectars and pollen on which the honeybee feeds. Thyme, Winter heath, Parsley, and thousands of other nectar-producing flowers are the buffet options in the springtime festivities and honey produced by each, differs significantly in terms of color, smell, viscosity, taste and hence, healing potential.

Iran is one of the major honey-producing countries worldwide and its flora has the potential to produce genuine honey with international marketability. Are you interested in finding out what kinds of honey are currently being produced in Iran and the potential uses of each kind?


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